12 Simple Productivity Hacks to get More Done in Less Time

September 30, 2021
Team SBG

It's tough to keep up with the demands of running your own business. There are always new things to learn, projects on the go, and tasks that never end. The good news is there are simple ways you can get more done in less time! Let's look at 12 productivity hacks any small business owner can implement today.

1. Get up at the same time every day

This habit will help you to get in a daily rhythm and be more productive. Waking up at the same time daily helps with your Circadian Rhythm, which is basically an internal clock that regulates daily cycles of sleepiness and wakefulness.

2. Create a to-do list

To-do lists help you to prioritize daily activities. Write down everything that you need to do daily and try to accomplish them all. If something is not possible, make sure it is scheduled for the next day or put it on a list for later.

3. Use Google Calendar to schedule appointments, meetings, and deadlines

Set daily alerts on your Google calendar to remind you of daily events, daily meetings, and daily deadlines. Using a Google Calendar will help you stay organized throughout the day.

4. Create an action plan with all the steps needed to complete your project

When you have a daily action plan, it is easier to accomplish daily tasks. Make sure the steps are in order from top priority to your lowest priority task.

5. Prioritize your tasks by importance

The daily task you should be working on the most depends on what your daily action plan entails. Make sure to focus on your top priority daily tasks first.

6. Take breaks

Taking daily breaks throughout the day will help you recharge and refocus on your daily tasks. Breaks should be 10 minutes long, but if you need more time that is fine too!

7. Get some exercise every day

This is not only healthy for your body but also good for your daily productivity. Exercise will give you an energy boost throughout the day

8. Don't get stuck in an unproductive spiral of negative thoughts 

Negative thinking is a waste of time and effort daily to productivity.

9. Start small

Make daily habits small manageable tasks. Don't try to take on a lot of daily activities because you will get overwhelmed and give up daily.

10.Limit your social media usage to one hour per day

Although daily social media usage has many benefits daily, if you spend too much time daily on social media, it can be a huge daily distraction. Limit your daily "plugged in" hours to one hour per day for maximum daily productivity.

11. Reward yourself with time off after completing a major task or goal

Once daily you complete a daily goal, reward yourself with some time off. This daily will help motivate and also teach you daily that working hard leads to more productivity and less daily work!

12. Make yourself accountable for daily tasks

Find an accountable daily partner or group to hold you daily accountable for the things that you say that daily will accomplish

You have done something amazing. The steps you've taken so far are the key to your success, but it's not over yet. This is where things get difficult and willpower comes in handy. Don't be discouraged if progress seems slow at first, you need time for new habits to take root and old ones to fade away. Remember that small changes make a big difference, whether they're completing one task per day or making sure you walk 10 more minutes each day. Your journey starts today; good luck!

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