15 Super Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team

Team motivation is a critical part of any successful organization. It’s important for you to find the right balance between being motivating and ensuring that your team has the skills they need to do their best work.  Whether you are looking for ways to improve employee morale, increase productivity or motivate your sales force, this blog post will provide 15 super effective strategies that have been proven over time.  Be sure to take advantage of these tips today!

1. Create a vision for your team.

It’s important to create a common vision for your team. What is it that you want them to achieve? Is there something specific that you are trying to accomplish? Having this shared goal will enable teams to stay focused and maintain motivation even in the face of resistance or difficulty.

2. Communicate the vision clearly and often.

Once you have created a vision for your team it is important to communicate this with them. People are more likely to be motivated when they understand why they are doing something and the benefits that will accrue from their activities. Ensure that your team understands the vision of the organization, how their role supports it, and what benefit they personally get from being involved.

3. Share success stories with the team.

When your team succeeds in achieving their goals or completing projects share success stories with them. This will allow them to see the impact of their work and will enable them to realize the benefits they are providing. The more motivation you can create for your employees, the better they will perform.

4. Celebrate successes as they happen.

When your team achieves a specific milestone or has an achievement that is relevant, be sure to celebrate it. You should not wait for formal celebration events to highlight important successes. Ensure that work anniversaries are acknowledged and take the time to acknowledge success on a regular basis. This will make people feel valued and appreciated which always helps team motivation levels.

5. Give credit to those who make an effort to achieve goals.

It is important to give credit where it is due. If you notice that someone on your team goes above and beyond in achieving their goals or doing quality work, make sure to acknowledge this. You don’t want people to lose motivation after they have put in the effort, so be sure to congratulate them verbally or via other means if possible.

6. Be patient when things don’t work out right away.

Even the best employees on your team will sometimes struggle with achieving their goals. Be patient and help them to find alternative ways to achieve their desired results. Don’t give up on people too quickly, as this will create a negative cycle of failure which will only contribute to more problems in the future.

7. Make sure your team is in the loop and up to date on what’s going on.

Your team has a vested interest in the activities and goals of your organization. It’s important to make sure that they understand what is going on and how it will impact them. This will contribute to increased motivation levels when employees feel like they are part of something big and that their efforts aren’t going unnoticed.

8. Start every meeting with a recap of what was accomplished since the last meeting.

Many times during a meeting, members of a team will state what they have been working on since the last meeting. Ensure that you take the time to summarize this information and provide an update for everyone at the start of your meetings. You should do this for your one-on-one sessions as well if possible, making sure that all members of your team have the same information.

9. Encourage everyone to share their ideas, even if they’re not perfect.

Some of the best ideas come from people who are passionate about a topic. Encourage members of your team to share their ideas and suggestions with you, even if they aren’t worded perfectly or don’t seem like something that would work immediately. You never know what kind of creative solutions will come from letting people speak freely.

  1. Offer incentives for completing tasks before deadlines 

By offering incentives for completing tasks before deadlines, you will be able to motivate your employees and create a strong sense of urgency. Providing an incentive will always help with motivation levels, so try to incentivize as many activities as possible on your team.

11. Have regular team-building exercises outside of work hours.

Trying out new skills or sharing interests outside of work hours can help to build stronger connections between your team members. This could be something as simple as video games, capture the flag, paintballing, or playing sports together. You never know what kind of connections you will make this way!

12. Give everyone on your team a chance to lead or participate in some way.

Everybody on your team should feel like they are important and needed. By allowing them to lead or participate in any way you can, you will be giving them the opportunity to help out, boost their own confidence levels and provide support for the other members of your team. This will create an excellent sense of teamwork which always boosts morale.

13. Encourage employees to take breaks and go outside for fresh air throughout their day.

Taking breaks throughout the day is important for everyone on your team. By encouraging them to take 15 minutes to go outside or get some fresh air, you are allowing them time to rejuvenate and prepare for the work that needs to be done.

14. Offer bonuses for completing tasks ahead of schedule 

When possible, offer bonuses for completing tasks ahead of schedule. This gives your team an extra incentive to work hard and meet their deadlines in a timely manner. Just be sure not to put too much pressure on anyone with this method. You do not want people stepping back from the responsibilities you give them due to fear of failure or meeting expectations.

15. Provide incentives like free lunches or dinners out with coworkers as rewards for outstanding work performance.

When possible, rewarding outstanding work performance is a great way to increase motivation levels. Providing incentives like free lunches or dinners out with coworkers will encourage your team members to continue their hard work and exceed expectations. This can also increase camaraderie between employees which is always beneficial for building teamwork.

Get your team motivated by incorporating these 15 tips:  We hope this article has provided you with some helpful ways in which to motivate your employees and get them excited about their work again. The last thing any business owner wants is for their staff members to become unmotivated, bored or disengaged from what they do each day. If you are looking for a way of keeping your workers engaged, try out one of the above-mentioned methods on how to motivate your workforce!


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