How to Start Your Own Business Brand From Scratch

Is your business on the verge of exploding? Or do you just want to start a new venture? Perhaps you’re looking for more clients and need help with branding. Whatever the case may be, this blog post is perfect for you! In this blog post we will cover how to start your own business brand from scratch, what it takes to get noticed by customers and grow your profits. 

What is a brand, and why do I need one?

A brand is a name, term, design, or symbol that identifies a product or service. A business’s brand is the image it gives off to its customers and how they want to be perceived as a company. 

In order to make money from your business, you need branding. Without branding, there would be no point in purchasing from you because there would be no way to identify your company from another. How is a customer supposed to know who you are if they don’t see your logo? How will people recognize you or where you can be found if they don’t know what type of business it is that you provide?

The purpose of branding is for people to feel connected with your business, and how it makes them feel. This connection is created through the use of various marketing strategies such as logo design, advertisement placement and social media presence. How can you expect to decorate your storefront if you don’t know what color scheme or typeface to use? How will customers find out about your business unless they ask around or see a flyer? How will you make money unless you have the means to advertise? How can people feel connected or as if they matter as an individual to your business without the brand which makes them identify with it?

What goes into creating a brand?

Creating a brand requires hard work and dedication. It’s not something that is done overnight, nor does it come cheap. In order to create a brand that your customers will adore, you must put in the effort and time needed in order to meet their expectations. There are four crucial components that go into creating an effective brand:

Logo Design:

Your logo is representative of who you are and what you do for others. How can people trust your services if they don’t know what you look like or what your name is?  A logo needs to be distinct and unique in order to make it more memorable for potential clients. Make sure your logo is able to stand out on its own without the backing of any other design elements such as typefaces or colors, and that it can easily transfer across various mediums such as print and web.

Colors Palette: 

Colors are important. They allow people to represent what they stand for, how they feel, and what they believe in through the use of color choices. How can your business stand out if it’s neutral? You want to be memorable!


For the same reasons mentioned above, how can people know your business name and what type of services you provide without knowing how it is represented by your logos and images?


Without advertising, how will anyone know your business exists? Without advertising, can your business afford to stand out among the competition and grow? How can potential customers feel connected with your brand if they don’t hear about it at all or get a hold of its name and/or logo?

Once these four components have been put into place, then and only then can you be certain that your brand is ready to be unleashed upon the world.

Here are the step by step on how to start your own business brand from nothing.

  1. Pick a name that reflects your company’s values.

Before you start creating your logo, website, and all the other fancy stuff, you need to think about what kind of brand image you want to portray. How do you want people to perceive or feel when thinking about your business? How would you describe it in one word? For example, if I were starting a business that focused on helping women become more confident, I might want to use words like beauty, fashion, elegance, etc.

  1. How to start your own business logo

If you already have a name in mind that reflects the message of your brand, then it is time to work on creating a logo! This is important because logos are usually the first thing people see when they encounter your business. Your logo is memorable and reflects the values of your company, so it’s important to make a good one.

There are many ways you can create a logo from scratch, but there are also lots of apps out there that allow you to make simple logos within minutes for FREE! We suggest checking out Logo Garden. It has thousands of logos to choose from and it’s extremely easy to use.

  1. Choose a color palette that represents your brand values.

Once you’ve finished creating your logo, the next step is to figure out what colors you want to use on all of your marketing materials such as your flyers, business cards, advertisements, etc. You can find easily find  color palettes on websites such as color hunter.

  1. Check out free fonts from sites like Dafont

Now that you have your logo and a color palette picked, the next step is to find a good typeface that will complement your logo. There are tons of free fonts out there that you can choose from! We suggest checking out or thenounproject for a good list of options.

  1. Create an online presence with social media accounts, website, email list, etc., and begin sharing your message.

Once you’ve finished working on your logo, colors, typeface, and overall branding feel for your business, the next step is to put yourself out there! Create social media accounts (we suggest Google+) or a website with all of this information so that people can find out more about what you offer.

  1. Promote yourself on a budget

After you’ve finished creating your logo and website, the next step is to advertise! The best type of advertising to do in the beginning is “guerilla” or word-of-mouth marketing. Ask friends,  family, and anyone you know if they can spread the word for you.

Instead of spending lots of money on advertising, spend it on more useful things like website hosting fees or making new business cards. You want to have a first impression that appears professional so people will be willing to give your business a try!

  1. Repeat all the steps until profit is made.

Once you’ve finished all of the steps mentioned above, it is time to repeat them! Perfect your branding with each new product or service that you offer. By constantly improving and adapting to change, your business will continue to grow and succeed in a cutthroat world.

Blog post conclusion paragraph: You can always rely on our team of experts for the best information and guidance to help you start your own business brand from scratch. We’ve helped countless startups and established brands with their marketing needs, whether it be a website redesign or new logo design. Don’t hesitate to reach out today!


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