Importance and Benefits of Good Social Media Presence for Successful Entrepreneurs

Building a successful small business is hard work. It takes time and planning to make your company stand out from the rest of the pack, but it’s all worth it in the end. There are many factors that go into running a successful company, but if there is one thing that should be at the forefront of every entrepreneur’s mind, it should be social media. Social media offers entrepreneurs an opportunity to get their name out there and connect with potential customers- so why not take advantage? 


In this blog post, I will discuss how you can use social media for success as an entrepreneur and offer some tips on getting started!

Why is it important to have a strong, consistent online presence?

Potential customers will not buy from you if they don’t know about your products or services. You can make use of social media as a way to distribute content and information about the company as well as share updates on how things are going. It’s also a great way to network with other entrepreneurs and promote collaboration and give feedback.

As with any other marketing campaign, the most effective way to sell online is to build an audience. Word of mouth or conversation with friends and family will not be enough to convince someone who’s never heard of you before. If this person finds your webpage but finds no one there on the “likes” page, it could actually turn her off from visiting your site again.

If that happens, then they are likely one less customer- customers who might have made a purchase if only they had known you existed!

It’s worth noting that lack of social media presence doesn’t stop at lost sales either- some people feel socially pressured by their friends or relatives not to buy products from companies without an active social media presence.

To be successful, you need to build up your social media presence- it increases brand awareness, promotes company growth, and makes life easier for potential clients.

Finally, social media is a way of connecting with customers and potential customers in a personal way that feels more genuine and less like a cold advertisement.


What are the benefits of a good social media presence for entrepreneurs?

Builds confidence

Reaches a wider audience

Puts customer service in the spotlight by emphasizing it on social media

Adds to the marketing and branding of the company

Provides transparency and authenticity for your business

Allows for efficient communication with potential customers

Generates brand awareness and social proof

Helps to grow your company faster than word of mouth advertising

Adding trust through influencer marketing


Best practices for developing an online presence:

  • Set up pages that represent your business
  • Create a consistent social media posting schedule

It’s important to have a consistent social media posting schedule so your customers know when they can expect new content from their favorite company. It should take into account where your customers are in terms of what timezone they might be in if they’re international or how your business hours look if you’re a brick-and-mortar store.

  • Offer incentives to follow your businesses on social media- this strengthens customer loyalty, provides updates on the company, and also brings in new customers.
  • Encourage customers to leave feedback or reviews on social media- there will be an indicator of the quality of the company and its products.
  • Remind customers to share content with their friends outside of your business’s social media pages. This is important because it could lead to even more customers!
  • Pay attention to what people are saying about your company or products on social media. These comments can be helpful for making decisions about where you should advertise next.
  • Another important aspect of social media for entrepreneurs is to emphasize customer service on these platforms. It’s an easy way to make your company stand out from the rest and give your customers a real-time interaction with your business that they can’t get anywhere else.
  • Finally, it’s a good idea to offer incentives to follow your business on social media to build customer loyalty while bringing in potential new customers. A special discount or exclusive offer is always a good choice!


Tips on how to build an engaged following online 

  • Start by joining a few related groups on social media to get a feel for what people are talking about
  • Pay attention to trends and try to keep up with the conversations going on in these groups
  • Make it personal at first by sharing some photos from your everyday life or articles that you found interesting that week. It will make followers more interested in following your account. You don’t want them feeling like they’re following someone who doesn’t care about them!
  • Use social media analytics to see how people are interacting with your content. You will be able to find out what kind of content is performing the best and where you should be placing ads next
  • When posting, remember to keep it consistent. Followers like updates and they like seeing that you’re making an effort! However, if all of your posts are about your company, they will get bored. A good mix of personal and business is best!
  • Lastly, remember that social media profiles are long-term projects- it takes some time before you can really judge the success or failure of it. It’s important to be patient with yourself when setting up your account!


I hope this blog has been informative and has given you ideas on how to be successful as an entrepreneur!

Social media is constantly evolving and only getting bigger, so it’s important that we keep up with the world around us and continue studying and learning about it. Making mistakes is wonderful for growth (trust me, I’ve done it plenty of times). It’s important to remember that the most successful entrepreneurs are those who learn from their mistakes and grow through them.

“What’s most satisfying isn’t so much making something as having made it.” | Alan Watts

I hope you apply these tips to your social media presence! Good luck out there, future entrepreneur!


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