The Ultimate Guide To Generating Traffic From Pinterest

One of the most popular social media platforms today is Pinterest. It has over 200 million active monthly users and can be an incredible marketing tool for your business if you know how to use it.

Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms for getting traffic to your website. It’s also a great way to get more followers, which can lead to additional traffic and revenue over time. 

In this article, we’re going to show you how you can start generating Pinterest traffic today with these easy strategies! Let’s get started!


What Is Pinterest and How Does It Work

Pinterest is not just an app or website, it’s a network that connects people who are interested in the same things. Pinterest helps you organize your interests into “boards” and follow other pinner’s boards. The pinner can share images with captions to help spark conversations about their interests.

Visual content is the key to success on Pinterest. It occupies two-thirds of pinner’s time spent on the site, which means posts with eye-catching images are more likely to be seen and repinned.

Pinterest has some basic features that are useful for pinnable images. You can upload up to 80 MB of pictures, add descriptions of up to 200 characters, crop an image if needed, and pinnable images must be at least 600 px wide. Images can be pinnable from just about any public website, which is what makes Pinterest such a powerful promotional tool for your business.

Some of the most successful businesses have used Pinterest to drive traffic and revenue including Nordstroms, Patagonia, Glossier, and The Home Depot.


What Does Pinterest Marketing Involve?

  • Pins – Pins are what pinner’s share with their boards and you can pin pinnable images from pinner’s you follow and pinnable images on other websites.
  • Boards – Boards contain pictures that pinners organize into categories of pinnable topics. Pinner’s will create boards based on things they’re interested in, brands pinners like pinnable products pinner’s want to buy, etc.
  • Repins – pinner’s can repin pinnable images from their own boards or other pinner’s they follow.
  • Likes – pinner’s who like a pinnable image will click the heart-shaped button under a pinnable image and the number of likes a pinnable image has is displayed next to it.
  • Comments – pinners can comment on pinnable images they repin or pinner’s who follow pinners can leave comments on pinnable images.


What Can You Gain From Using Pinterest For Marketing?

Pinterest is one of the top social media platforms for getting traffic to your website because pinners are very active online, sharing pinnable images with their followers who can re-pin them. The visual content you share on Pinterest will engage pinner’s and keep them coming back for more.

Pinner’s can re-pin your pinnable pictures and interact with your pinnable images, which will help you build a following on Pinterest and expand your reach across the platform.

Not only will pinner’s share pinnable images you post, but pinners will also repin other pinner’s pinnable images, which will expose your pinnable content to pinner’s you don’t already follow. Your pinnable content can also be re-pinned by the pinner’s who have repinned it and their followers, which can literally get your pinnable content in front of millions of new people!

Pinterest even gives you data on how pinner’s interact with your pinnable content so you can determine how well your pinnable content is doing using Pinterest Analytics. The pinner who re-pins a pinnable image from your website will also share the pinnable image with their followers, which means you have the opportunity to get traffic from pinner’s who may not be following your pinnable images or website right now.

Pinterest is a visual network which means pinner’s who spend time on the platform enjoy seeing pinnable images from pinner’s they follow. You can take advantage of this pinner behavior by uploading pinnable pictures with tips and advice, creating infographics with statistics about your niche, pinning pinnable quotes, sharing pinnable stories, pinnable images for pinner’s to re-pin, pinnable coupons or discounts, pinnable giveaways, pinnable products to promote your business, pinnable links to put in your bios, etc.

Pinterest has a lot of qualities that make it a great platform for generating traffic from the entire world!

Why Pinning Is Important For Any Business

List of Benefits of Pinterest Marketing

  • Helps you generate millions of traffic to your website from pinner’s on Pinterest
  • Increases your revenue by getting pinners to buy pinnable products
  • Gets pinner’s to follow you on Pinterest
  • Builds trust with pinner’s which can lead them to become loyal customers
  • Pinning pinnable images helps pinners discover you and your business
  • Unlike pinner’s on other social media platforms, pinner’s on Pinterest are not shy about clicking the buy now button and purchasing pinnable products they see pinnable images of. According to Shopify, 83% of pinners “have purchased something because they saw it pinned by someone else” and 49% have purchased a pinnable product because they saw it pinnable on Pinterest.
  • Pinterest is an important part of any marketing strategy and you should definitely add pinner’s to your list of followers, even if your pinnable images are not traffic or revenue-driven. You can always ask pinner’s for feedback in the comments when they repin your pinnable images and pinner’s love giving pinnable feedback, which can, in turn, lead to pinner’s wanting to work with you or buying pinnable products from your website.
  • As a business owner, Pinterest marketing is just as important as pinner’s on Twitter tweeting about their favorite pinnable products; pinner’s on Facebook pinnable images; pinner’s on YouTube pinner’s video reviews; pinner’s on Instagram pining over pinnable products and pinner’s on Snapchat pinner’s using your app.


Tips for driving more traffic to your pins and boards

  • Do SEO on your Pin titles and Pin Description
  • Use Pinterest Analytics
  • Add pinnable image to pinner’s boards (boards related to your niche)
  • Share pinnable images with pinner’s you follow on a regular basis so pinner’s see them in their feed.
  • Interact with pinner’s pins by liking, commenting and repinning pinnable images.
  • Customize your pinnable pins with Pin It buttons on blog posts and pinnable images in blog posts.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask pinner’s for feedback in the pinnable image comments
  • Offer pinner’s something special when they follow you or your board. This could be a coupon, discount, free product, or giveaway
  • Upload pinnable images that pinners will want to share with their followers
  • Use the pinner’s natural pining behavior to your advantage. Pins with pinnable images get 23% more likes and repins, 85% more comments, and 74% more click-throughs from pinner’s compared to pins without pinnable images pinner’s scrolling through their feed are attracted to pinnable images they can re-pin, pinner’s repinning pinnable content get exposed to pinnable content from other pinner’s who have already pinned pinnable content found on your website.
  • Pin regularly and consistently
  • Always invite pinner’s to follow an individual board.

List of Pinterest marketing tools to use for traffic generation

Here is the list of Free Tools you can use:

  • Tailwind
  • BoardBooster
  • Repinly
  • PinAlerts
  • PinCannon
  • BoardRank
  • Pinerly
  • Canva


Here is the list of Paid Tools you can use:

  • Pinreach
  • ViralWoot
  • PinGroupie
  • BoardBooster
  • Buzzsumo


How To Make Your Pins Stand Out On Pinterest 

It’s important to make your pins stand out on pinner’s feeds because pinner’s see hundreds of pinnable images in their feed and your pinnable images only stay visible for a few seconds before they’re pushed further down the pinner’s feed. To make your pinnable image stand out:

  • Include keywords in the Pin title and Pin description that pinners will search for
  • Create pinnable images with high-quality pinnable content
  • Do not use blurry, unclear pinnable images or pinnable images with random objects in them
  • Have your followers follow you on Pinterest and ask friends to like and repin pinner’s pins (and give feedback when they do)
  • Use compelling Pin descriptions that will make pinner’s want to click the pin image.
  • Your description should include calls to action for pinner’s who see it in their feed, shouldn’t be too long (~150 characters), and have ~8 words per sentence.
  • You can also include a link to a website or landing page if there is an offer for pinners after they click on the pinnable pinner’s should know what the pinnable pin is about and who it is for.
  • There are no bonus points awarded to pins with pinnable descriptions that are too long or have long sentences.
  • Use pinnable images of pinner’s products, logos, screenshots, infographics, before-and-after pictures, pinner’s lifestyle images, pinner’s own pinnable content, pinner’s pinnable food pictures, pinner’s pinnable fashion pictures, pinner’s pinnable workout pictures, etc.
  • Your Pinterest marketing strategy cannot be effective if your Pins don’t have pinnable images that will capture the attention of pinners you have pinnable images with pinner’s products or pinner’s content pinners are looking for.
  • Create boards and group boards
  • When you create boards, be sure to add pinners who are pining pinnable images related to your niche.


In the end, generating traffic from Pinterest is a matter of understanding how people use social media and applying that knowledge to your own strategy. By following these strategies you will be able to increase engagement on your posts, generate more shares or likes, build up followers who are interested in what you have to offer, and find out why some pins perform better than others. And don’t forget about optimizing for SEO! These steps will help drive traffic by using one platform while making sure all other areas of digital marketing are covered as well.

If you want more information and would like a personalized consultation on how we can help you with our services, feel free to contact us at any time!



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