20 Ways To Save Money As a Startup

How can you start making money as a startup? There are many ways to do so and it all depends on what type of business model your company has. Here’s how: 

1) Sell products or services to customers. 

– Charge for physical goods, such as an app you sell on Google Play or iTunes.

– Sell digital products and services. This includes:

* Freelance services (design, programming) that you provide online for a fee.

* Coaching and consulting services to businesses and individuals; this includes teaching people how to use tools like  Shopify, WordPress, Mailchimp, or other services.

* Physical Products that you manufacture and then sell directly to customers; this includes using platforms like e-commerce giant Shopify for this purpose.

2) Ask for donations from family members, friends, and supporters in order to get started with the company while still being able to generate revenue at the same time. 

3) Get a loan from the bank or by using a peer-to-peer lending platform.

4) Find someone to invest in your business who will provide you with financial backing and mentorship. You can find angel investors or venture capitalists on sites like AngelList.

5) Try crowdfunding as another way to raise money for a startup. You can do so through platforms like Kickstarter.

6) Start a business blog to start making money online as soon as you begin building your company.

7) Sell digital products and services without having an actual product or service that you sell to customers by using the information marketing model of business. This includes creating video courses, ebooks, software, and other informational products that teach people how to do something or learn about a topic. You can then sell these online, on platforms like Udemy or  Teachable (see below).

8) Use YouTube as a way of marketing your company by uploading videos every week about your company and its activities. Make sure each video has an annotation that links to your company’s website and social media pages.

9) Sell advertising space on your company’s website or blog; this is called online banner marketing. You can sell ads to multiple clients you find online on platforms like BuySellAds.com.

10) Take paid surveys through market research companies like SurveyMonkey and Swagbucks.

11) Do paid phone calls to customers on behalf of companies that are willing to pay you for your time. You can do this using platforms like AnyWho or TextLocal.

12) Promote a company’s products or services by being an affiliate. You can do so on platforms like ClickBank and Rakuten, which have thousands of clients that you can promote their products.

13) Join a network marketing company as a way to start making money as a startup. This type of business model is also called direct marketing or direct selling. You can find these companies on sites like TheMogul.com and World Marketing Alliance.

14) Sell products to retailers through wholesale marketing, which is also called the distribution channel model of business. This may include working with other types of businesses that sell products directly to customers, such as stores, distributors, and online retailers. You can find companies that will buy and resell your products on the website Alibaba, which is an online wholesale marketplace.

15) Take paid online surveys through market research companies like SurveyMonkey and Swagbucks to get started with making money as a startup.

16) Sell advertising space on your company’s website or blog using platforms like BuySellAds.com.

17) Sell used products through online classified sites like Craigslist and eBay.

18) Run a small business out of your home as a side job that you can do while working on your startup company.  This can include selling products that you make, handmade jewelry, baked goods, tutoring services, or pet sitting.

19)  Use a productized service business model to make money selling a specific, pre-packaged service you do well and which people want. This means you put together a package of your services and sell it to customers on a regular basis, typically monthly or weekly. You can find customers that need these types of services by posting flyers and business cards around your neighborhood, as well as through Craigslist ads.

20) Use your company’s blog to monetize it with advertisements that help you make income through pay-per-click marketing, also known as CPC marketing or cost per mille (CPM). You can use a platform like AdThrive to manage your advertising campaigns.


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