How to Add Videos to Your Google My Business Profile

Want to boost your online presence? Adding video to your Google My Business profile is a great way to do that. It’s quick and easy, and it has many benefits. Read on for more information! 

7 Reasons to Upload Videos to Google My Business

  1. Video helps to boost your SEO

Just adding a video to your Google My Business profile will improve the rankings of your other web pages. It will also help you spread your content and ensure that you are seen by as many people as possible.

  1. They’re easy for customers to find

Unlike text, which can be hard to find, videos are easy to find. Google has been working hard to return video results for search queries. Adding your own video will ensure that you’re at the top of those searches!

  1. Videos entice customers by showing off more product features

You don’t have to say anything to help persuade customers into purchasing your products or using your services. Instead, they will be able to see the value of your product or service for themselves.

  1. Videos are more engaging than text alone

Humans are highly visual creatures and adding video content allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level. It’s easier to understand an idea when it is conveyed visually and watching videos helps customers make fast connections between what you have to offer and how it can improve their lives in some way.

  1. Customers want information quickly

The internet has changed everything about the way we consume traditional media from magazines, newspapers and television shows to books. People no longer want long-form articles that require significant attention spans and dedication when searching for relevant information. Instead, they want quick hits of raw from sources they can trust. Videos provide this in spades!

  1. Adding videos to your Google My Business profile will increase engagement with customers and prospects

They may not even be aware of it, but customers are watching you to learn about your business whether you realize it or not. When they see that you are active on social media or that you have videos available, it makes them more likely to visit your website and even engage with you via social media if appropriate. That increases engagement for everyone involved because it allows them to get the information they want quickly, easily and from a source that feels like an authority in the subject matter.

  1. You’ll look professional

By adding video content, you will look more established than if you don’t have any video at all. By creating engaging content that adds value for potential customers, they will see that you are serious about your business and that it is worth checking out! That also helps build trust between you and the customer because it shows them that real people work for the company and are dedicated to providing high-quality products or services.

How To Add a Google My Business Video?

  • Log into your Google My Business account
  • Click on the “update” button and scroll down to the video section
  • Choose a video hosting provider from the dropdown list (Dropbox or YouTube)
  • Upload your video file and then click the green “Done” button to confirm that you want to add it 
  • Click on the blue “update” button to save your changes

Then you are good to go!!

Why is my video rejected on Google my business?

A couple of reasons could be:

  • Your video file might have been too large -try uploading a smaller version
  • You didn’t specify where your business is located so Google doesn’t recognize this as an actual place
  • Your profile already has a verification checkmark – you can’t add two videos with checkmarks  to the same profile
  • You already have a video that has been verified – if you’re trying to add another verified video to your page, you’ll need to remove it first.
  • It might not be a good fit for the listing – Google only accepts video listings that are relevant to your business and industry. For example, you can’t add a laptop repair shop’s video to an accountant’s profile 

POWERFUL TIPS for successful video marketing on the internet

  • Try using Google’s own Hangouts On Air tool when recording videos  (currently unavailable)  – this allows you to stream live online events with your business making it easier for people who might not be able to attend in person or even those who are at the event and want to capture some of the moments they may have missed due to being too busy networking!
  • Use social media engagement with hashtags- Twitter users can follow public live streams of hangout on air from both businesses and individuals. You can gain new followers by engaging with users and posting content relevant to your niche 
  • Look into having a contest or giveaway for people who watch your videos – if you want to get more people involved when it comes to watching your videos, then try asking them to share the video with their friends or enter a contest.
  • Add interesting commentary – make sure that you are adding plenty of insight to your videos as well as keeping them short and sweet- that way they will be able to gain attention from customers.
  • Interact during LIVE broadcasting events on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram  – use these tools for live chatting during the broadcast so customers can ask questions about what you’re doing in real-time.

Resources for creating and editing videos on mobile phones:

  • CyberLink ActionDirector – CyberLink ActionDirector has quite a few video editing options for a mobile application. You can create a video by combining photos and videos with dozens of filters and transitions to choose from. It is important to remember that not all of those unique and interesting filters and transitions are not free. Some packages are purchased separately. 

Video editing is relatively easy, with a timeline where clips follow each other and a clear button to assign transitions between clips. These clips can be adorned with effects, texts, and stickers and even applied “beauty mode.”

  • Adobe Premiere Clip – With Adobe Premiere Clip, you can create a video byconjoini photos or videos and add music and labels. It is relatively easy to create a video in this way. There are few options for customizing the result, with a single style for the labels and no transitions beyond a fade between scenes. 

One aspect of being appreciated is that the final result can be in FullHD and without any watermark. You can also add your watermark to the video if you wish.

  • Inshot Video EditorInShot Video Editor is a complete video editor hidden under a great interest in monetizing the application. If it were a game, we would say that it is Pay2Win. As it is not, we will limit ourselves to saying that it shows you advertising and encourages you to pay as soon as you can. Clip editing does not have many options but classics such as trimming clips, adding texts and music (also effects and voice-over), or modifying the speed. There are approximately 50 filters available, some of them paid, although the Android version does not have transitions.
  • FilmoraFilmoraGo is the video editor for WonderShare, known for its Dr.Fone app and the desktop version of Filmora. Its video editor for Android is a simplified version that stands out for being quite easy to use. You can create a video from photos and videos. These are displayed at the bottom of the window as icons. By tapping on one of these clips, you can do things like: Edit , Add new layers on top, Add voice-overs, Put in titles, Choose filters, Modify video speed and Adding transitions between clips is just as easy. The app provides you with about 20 ready-to-use transitions and around 50 filters for your clips.

  • Adobe Rush (Android / iOS / Mac OS / Windows) – The little sister of Premiere Pro, Adobe Rush, unfortunately, is only compatible with about twenty slightly muscular Android smartphones like the Galaxy S8. It can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS but only allows three assembly exports. Beyond that, you must subscribe (around € 12 / month) or have subscribed to Premiere Pro to enjoy it for free. Rush offers three video tracks and three audio tracks, the most basic transition effects, and a nice automatic audio ducking function (intelligent adjustment of the music level under the interviews). 

Not to mention a nice library of customizable animated titles, compatible with Adobe’s .mogrt templates. Concretely, you can create or customize a title in Premiere Pro (with Adobe fonts exclusively), save it as a mogrt template, and import it into Rush. Compatibility (via Adobe’s cloud) with Premiere Pro is the main interest of Rush. 

  • CTPro – We like to present CTPro as the “Mojo application suite.” It combines the functions of a professional camera, a fast report editing tool (complete and automated), and streaming (including in a Multicam environment). The icing on the cake, CTPro, manages the XML export of its reports to Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac / PC) or FCP X via theSansdik iXpand USB sticks.

  • Kinemaster –  Developed by Korean company Nextstreaming, Kinemaster is the most popular featured editing app in the Android world. 

It offers several layers that vary according to the processor capacities of the smartphone that uses it. In terms of ergonomics, its historical peculiarity is its inability to glue the rushes to each other on the layers above the main track. This helps the rushes that are linked get cut, be superimposed slightly, and obtain visual slots on the timeline. 

  • LumaFusion Originally designed to continue the development of Pinnacle Studio on iPad, LumaFusion has become the most advanced editing tool today on mobile devices. It has functions similar to Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X. 

This futuristic app can export its montages with an optional module! LumaFusion offers 12 tracks in total, including 6 for videos (with their audio, of course), plus 6 for audio. 

Enough to achieve all kinds of things, including “splits screens” easily. It can import TrueType fonts and any content (images, videos, music, and others) from a cloud, from SanDisk iXpand USB keys, or Western Digital Passport WiFi external hard drives in particular. 

  • Power Director – A historical competitor of Kinemaster, PowerDirector, offers somewhat similar functions for carrying out “professional” subjects. With this essential difference that on its two video layers (in addition to the basic track), the rushes stick to each other without a problem. 

Among its advantages, I would cite the possibility of adding fonts to personalize the synths, a gradient option to split the screen in a more “soft” way, and especially the compatibility with the eponymous software on PC. 

Adding videos to your Google My Business profile will increase the likelihood that customers find you on search engines. Videos are a great way to show off your products and services or provide helpful information about them in an engaging format. So experiment with different types of video content for your business, and see which one gets the best results!


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