Why you must diversify your online presence

Diversifying your online presence is a must for any business owner, and it doesn’t have to come at an expense. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why you need to diversify your online presence in order to stay ahead of the competition.  


1. Make sure you are posting content that is relevant to your audience

Your content needs to match your audience’s interests and needs. If you are trying to target a specific interest, make sure that the content is relevant to keep their attention. This can be tricky when you need to diversify your content strategy for different platforms; however, it is necessary in order to provide targeted and relevant information based on whatever platform or medium is being used.

In order to increase the audience of your posts, you can select a platform that will reach your target demographic. For example, Pinterest is a great tool for B2C companies since most of its users are women who have an interest in beauty and fashion products. This gives businesses a great opportunity to target this audience with relevant content.


2. Make use of the ‘recommended posts’ feature

Every social media platform that offers auto-suggested content, such as Facebook and Twitter, will allow users to see what is trending among their friends or followers. This can be an excellent opportunity for you as a company owner. It makes it easier for you to gain exposure since the posts are suggested based on your target audience’s interests and habits.


3. The more platforms you’re active on, the better chance you’ll have of getting new followers and subscribers

The more places you post, the better chance you have of getting new followers and subscribers. A large part of social media is the ability to cross-promote your page. For example, when you post on Facebook, you can then share that post or link with your Twitter followers since they are in the same network.  In addition, if you post on Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr, it is likely that some of those followers will subscribe to your RSS feed or follow you on Twitter.

In order to grow your online presence, make sure that the different platforms are actively being used to promote your company with a solid content strategy. Once done correctly, it can lead to an increase in traffic and subscribers.


4. Make use of hashtags in order to get more exposure

Hashtags give your posts an opportunity to be found by users who are not already following you. You can use hashtags that are relevant to your content in order to get more exposure. This also makes it easier for your posts to show up on the platforms of influencers; hashtags make it easy to search for specific topics.

For example, if you were posting about SEO strategies, you could include a hashtag like #seo which makes it easier for people searching for these types of posts to find yours.


5. You should also consider investing in services like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads for targeted advertising campaigns

You should also invest in services like Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to get your company’s message out to people who are looking for it. If you are active on several platforms, you could make use of the Google Display Network or Facebook to post ads that will direct people to your page. These services provide you with a way to connect with prospects who are actively looking for the type of products and services offered by your business. When starting an advertising campaign, make sure that there is solid content to back it up. It is the content that will convince prospects to follow your brand based on relevance, usefulness, and wit.


6. Your website should be the place where people can find everything they’re looking for

After you’ve built your online presence on different platforms, it is essential that your website be the one location where every customer can find information about your business. This is especially important if you are running products or services business since most of your traffic will come from prospects who are already familiar with your brand. You should consider investing in a website that is well-designed and easy to navigate since people have gotten used to quick load times and simple navigation. In addition, it’s important that you include information about all of the different platforms where your company interacts with its customers so that they can follow–or subscribe–to your content on several platforms. In addition, you should make it easy for people to contact your company as this will provide them with a way to share their experiences which can lead to viral marketing on various platforms. When thinking about your online presence, consider all of these important factors and more for optimal results.


7. You can use a service like Hootsuite to automate your social media posting

You should consider using a service like Hootsuite to schedule posts on various platforms. This will allow you to post content consistently without having to be glued to your computer screen every day. In addition, it is important that you monitor the different channels where your company interacts with customers. This means that you will need to make sure that any comments or posts are replied to within an appropriate timeframe (i.e., no more than 24 hours). Your online presence is important, but it takes work in order to be successful! So, have fun with your interactions and provide prompt customer service to everyone who engages with your brand.


8. Make use of Google Analytics to monitor your campaign’s performance

You should also make use of Google Analytics in order to measure the performance of each platform and see which ones are bringing you traffic, as well as visitors who convert into subscribers or customers. By monitoring this information, you can modify your campaigns on different platforms to better suit your audience. In addition, you can use Google Analytics to track the performance of each post and campaign on various platforms. This will allow you to modify certain elements if necessary for optimal results.


9. Implement a referral program to increase your traffic

In addition, you can implement a referral program in order to get more traffic to your website. If prospects are happy, they will tell their friends and family about the products and services you offer through word-of-mouth marketing. This is because people trust recommendations from others more than an ad they see on social media. So, wouldn’t it be wise to implement a referral program that will allow you to get content in front of more eyes? If subscribers trust your company and they like your content, they’ll look forward to receiving updates from you and will want their friends and family to know about the amazing offers you have available. This will allow them to send you traffic and increase your overall revenue.


10. Don’t forget about offline marketing tools like business cards and brochures as part of your online presence!

Don’t forget that as a company, you should also put effort into offline marketing efforts which can highly benefit from the information you create for your online campaigns. For example, if you provide a business card, include a QR code with a link to your website. That way, when prospects are talking about your company and the great products or services that you offer, they can give others easy access to your online content. In addition, brochures for events should also serve as marketing tools–that is if your goal is an increase in revenue. If they are printed on high-quality paper with a QR code to your website, they can be quite successful at drawing people in!


11. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different advertising models

Experimenting with different advertising models will allow you to find one that works well for your target audience. This is because you should prioritize gaining high numbers of followers instead of focusing on earning sales or conversions right away. When thinking about the main goal behind your company, focus on branding and bringing in as many new customers as possible. You can also take a look at different advertising models and see which ones would benefit your overall campaign. For example, you could test out pay-per-click by bidding on certain keywords that your target market is searching for or using traditional ads such as banner ads or sponsored posts.


The internet is constantly evolving and it’s important that you keep up. If your content marketing strategy only relies on one channel, you’re leaving money on the table. Keep an open mind to new ideas and never stop learning about what works best for your target audience.


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